UPDATE 17/4/03: I have been provided with the OSX binaries by Memento, if there are any problems with these, You would be best to go to the DC-GUI Forumn's

This is the information provided by memento with regards to this OSX builds. Hope it is of help.

Here's the OSX binary compiled with fink Qt 3.1.2-1 on OSX version 10.2.5

Some developers have been porting DCGUI to run on OSX natively without having to set up XFree86. If you wish to try this version, go to the OSX-Native Directory


[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  -  
[DIR]OSX-Native/2003-09-10 08:49 -  
[   ]dcgui-0.2.10.tar.bz22003-04-17 09:21 502K 
[   ]dcgui-0.2.11.tar.bz22003-04-25 09:04 508K 
[   ]dcgui-0.2.13.tar.bz22003-05-07 10:16 531K 
[   ]dcgui-osx-x11-0.2.20.tar.bz22003-11-10 20:46 771K 
[   ]dcgui-qt-0.2.15.tar.bz22003-06-14 11:28 549K 
[   ]dcgui-qt-0.2.16.tar.bz22003-06-20 08:41 576K